Welcome! By some chance, or not by chance at all, you just landed to our page. If you are here for the first time you may be asking yourself who we are and why have we founded Movelicious Studio. We very much wanted to come up with some catchy story for a personal transition towards a healthy lifestyle, miraculous weight loss program of our own or a new unheard method for weight management and well-being that will change your life within a week. Well…the truth is way more trivial. Movelicious is the most natural path we could have gone following our hard work and dedication throughout the last 12 years. A platform, we have always wanted to develop in order to share our knowledge and to help you make informed, research-based decision on your long, winding journey to a healthier lifestyle.

We founded Movelicious studio because we know that:



The healthy nutrition and the physical activity are essential to the health and well-being of each and every one of us.


The fortified milk may not be as healthy as some TV commercials are trying to convince you.


Your sweetheart’s teeth cannot grow due to the homeopathic salts she was prescribed. Well, we are actually perfectly fine with that; imagine if the baby’s teeth were actually growing by a food supplement.


There still are Paediatricians who will advise you not to cook for you child as it will get used to home-made food and will turn into a picky eater.


It is not uncommon to meet health experts that will make exercise with a sub-maximal hearth rate although you spent half of your day seated.


A lot of questions still remain to be answered when it comes to nutrition and physical activity, however, many people pretend they know it all.

Our aim is to promote proven, effective, research-based lifestyle modification strategies. To prove that the healthy nutrition habits are times easier to acquire than you actually think and to make you realize that being physically active may be fun and great pleasure. Ultimately, we would like to teach you how get in share without going into any extremes.

We created a small boutique studio, and not a huge gym, as we would like to personally know you and to ensure that whatever we do is the best for you and your body.

It took us a long time of consideration and research in order to be able to pick the Movelicious Studio’s location as we wanted it to be convenient and accessible, yet calm and easy-going.


Here you will have the chance to escape from your daily routine, to make something significant for yourself, to have a cup of tea and enjoy some funky music.

Contact us:

5 “Victor Hugo” str. ул.
+ 359 884 506 313
[email protected]