If we were writing this introduction several years ago,

we would have described ourselves as young enthusiasts passionate about healthy living. Currently in our early 30s and not that young anymore, we have to admit that we are “just” enthusiasts determined to help as many people as possible to acquire and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

We dedicated a great deal of our lives digging deep in to the science of nutrition and physical activity and investigating their impact on human health. We had the chance to test in clinical trial settings, how the different diets and exercise regimens affect our bodies, which strategies actually work and most importantly – which can be applied in our daily life. Through the years we’ve learned quite a lot, however, far more still remains to be unveiled and many more questions to be answered when it comes to nutrition, exercise, metabolic disease and health. We for sure do not know it all, but we can guarantee that approach works. We have tested it ourselves.

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We know

that being physically fit and healthy requires way less effort and can be times more enjoyable than you think.

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We can

help you choose the most appropriate physical activity for yourself and to improve you nutrition habits.

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We believe

that the time spent at Movelicious Studio will be one of the most memorable experiences that you have had lately.

This is who we are

Anna Vekova

Anna Vekova


Anna has been intensively involved in sports activities since her early childhood and namely her passion for exercise and physical activity brought her to the National Sports Academy where she started her Physical Therapy education. During her Bachelor’s Degree studies, Anna spent several exchange periods in the Tartu University, Estonia and the Masarikova University in Brno, Czech Republic where she was fascinated by the significant impact of physical activity on human health and decided to continue her education in that filed. Following her new passion, Anna relocated to the Netherlands and in 2008 completed the renowned Physical Activity and Health program at Maastricht University.

In Maastricht, she quickly realized that she was not made for scientific work (you may hear her stating that “the research is a complete waste of time, talent and resources” although Tsvetan is not in complete agreement) and decided to abandon the lab and to start working with human beings that may benefit from her knowledge and experience. Despite her outspoken “love” for research, however, Anna’s Master Thesis was honored with the Young Investigator Award at the Central European Diabetes Association Congress in 2009.

After completing her studies in the Netherlands, Anna came back to Bulgaria and started working as a Physical Therapist. Subsequently, she served as a physical activity consultant and conditioning trainer for the unique Combating the Metabolic Syndrome through Physical Activity (COMPACT) study. In 2014, Anna enrolled in The Restorative Exercise Institute, California, and current is a Certified Personal Trainer for Restorative Exercise.

Anna believes that you do not need to spend hours in the gym in order to be in perfect share and therefore developed Movelicious. A unique exercise system based on natural movement patterns that will help you get in shape, feel better and live a healthier lifestyle.

Tsvetan Stefanov

Tsvetan Stefanov


Born and raised on the skirts of Vitosha Mointain, Tsvetan has been extremely passionate about mountaineering and outdoor activities from a very young age. Sports medicine, high performance training and nutrition have always been among his biggest passions that, as no surprise to anyone, brought him to the Physical Therapy Department of the National Sports Academy. The time spent at the Academy and the Free University in Brussels, Belgium further strengthened his interests in the field of human nutrition and his willingness to gain a better idea of how food affects our health.

Thus, in 2007, Tsvetan started the European Master of Metabolism and Nutrition program at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Following one of his very first encounters with the mitochondria, he knew this was love from first sight and was certain that his relationship with science will last a lifetime. Shortly thereafter, however, he realized that he would like to dedicate his time and efforts to changing human lives and that burning mice feces and pipetting samples in Westernblot gels were really not his cup of tea. Immediately after obtaining his Master’s Degree in the Netherlands, Tsvetan came back to Bulgaria and started his PhD study at the International Scientific Institute of the Sports Academy.

Working closely with his colleagues from the Medical University in Leipzig, Germany, Tsvetan developed the study design and managed the Combating the Metabolic Syndrome through Physical Activity (COMPACT) study.

In 2012, Tsvetan guaranteed himself a place in one of the most significant nutrition events in Europe – the European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP) Seminar and was subsequently invited as a Faculty member in 2013.

Tsvetan knows for sure that the “magical” diets simply don’t work and usually lead to anything but long periods of hunger, frustration, and more pounds on the weighting scale. He is convinced that the healthy nutrition habits take less effort than you have ever thought and is here to help you change yours in a few simple, yet effective steps.